New Era

Xively has entered a new era

Engineered to manage the connected product conversation, the new Xively unites product, customer and company in one seamless dialogue.

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Building the next big thing for the IoT

The new Xively is an enterprise IoT platform and application solution that every connected business will need. Xively simplifies the way companies securely and robustly CONNECT their products & users, MANAGE IoT data at scale, and ENGAGE more closely with their customers, users & partners.

Untangle complex connected product management

We've spent a lot of time with our customers and found that companies building connected products are noticing a repeating pattern of unmet needs. Xively helps you manage your connected product business by addressing the practical needs that matter most like developing secure, scalable and reliable connectivity, as well as building the right data processing services, business applications, API connectors, and IoT-enabled support for customers, partners, and vendors.

Product Management

Unify your company, customers and connected products

Xively recognizes that connected product companies need to manage relationships between their customers, partners and vendors in the IoT era. Give a voice to your connected products and their data so that you can make smarter decisions based on what your products are telling you about your business.

The next generation of IoT is here.



For when you’re ready to securely scale your IoT products



For when you want to organize, process and act on all that data



For moving your connected business from reactive to proactive insights

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