Securing Things: A Guide To Designing Resilient Products for the Internet of Things

Understand how to identify and manage risks at each stage in the connected product development process

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The Internet of Things is Open for Business.

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Xively + Heroku + Salesforce

Welcome to the Connected Enterprise

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Xively + SalesForce + Heroku

Your connected business starts with Xively by LogMeIn

The physical world holds the key to unlocking unseen business opportunities that expand revenue, optimize operations and delight customers and users. What if you could turn normally hidden bits of information into valuable insights that fuel growth and drive intelligent, automated action? Xively by LogMeIn helps you realize previously inaccessible value through a wide range of solutions on the Internet of Things, accelerating the transformation of businesses (and lives).

“Business first” approach

For many companies, knowing how to leverage the Internet of Things for competitive advantage is a total mystery, and implementing a connected solution is just as challenging. Xively helps you understand the complexities and opportunities and works with you to create a meaningful solution. Our world-class consulting services, broad partner ecosystem and award-winning IoT Platform as a Service (built on LogMeIn’s Gravity Cloud) simplify the discovery and deployment of complete IoT solutions that deliver tangible business gains.

Solutions Overview

Accelerate innovation

Our open philosophy empowers you to leverage industry-wide innovations while eliminating vendor lock-in. From our open source enablement libraries that support thousands of platforms, to our partner ecosystem that provides a wide range of options and integrations with automation platforms such as Salesforce.com and SAP, Xively slashes complexity and accelerates the realization of superior business outcomes.

Integration Services

Transform businesses (and lives)

Xively helps unlock and expand business potential by removing the barriers inhibiting the complete comprehension and control of your business. Continuous, 360-degree interaction with your business-connected objects delivers real-time insights that drive intelligent action. Companies are transformed into responsive organizations that can predict and fix disruptive issues before they happen, streamline operational processes, anticipate and proactively meet customer needs, and much more.

Business Opportunities

Ready for interconnected ecosystems

The future of the IoT is about combining connected objects and solutions to create greater business results. Through Xively’s interaction fabric, called the Connected Object Cloud™, products and solutions can selectively and securely interconnect with your own or third-party solution and object sets. Only Xively breaks down functional silos, enabling future offerings that exponentially expand your reach.

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