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Xively (formerly known as Cosm and Pachube) is a division of LogMeIn Inc, a leading provider of essential remote services. Organizations worldwide rely on LogMeIn’s suite of SaaS customer care, remote IT management, access and collaboration products. Xively is built on LogMeIn’s cloud platform Gravity, which handles millions of devices, users and customers worldwide.


Pachube launched in London in 2008, one of the first Internet of Things open platforms and quickly gave rise to one of the most vibrant and creative community of IoT enthusiasts, early adopters and developers in the world. 2010 saw Pachube providing backend infrastructure for Cisco’s Urban EcoMap and empowering consumer products like the Current Cost internet-connected energy monitor.


In 2011, following the nuclear disaster in Japan, Pachube was a key online data store for thousands of real-time radiation feeds generated by community members around the planet concerned about the lack of official information.

LogMeIn Inc acquired Pachube in 2011 in order to expand its specialty in making remote device access and control quick and easy. The team grew, the platform evolved and a new beta iteration, Cosm, was released in 2012, going on to underpin the infrastructure behind a number of early IoT Kickstarter products, including the community-initiated project, Air Quality Egg.

“Building on all this experience, innovation and diverse success, early in the history of the Internet of Things industry, 2013 now sees the product refined, commercialized and relaunched as Xively, to provide customers with the fastest path to realize their visions on the Internet of Things.”

Chad Jones - VP Product Strategy

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