• What is the Internet of Things? And what part does Xively play?

    The Internet of Things has dozens of definitions, but they generally all talk about using the Internet (which people are accustomed to using for email, social networking, web browsing and e-commerce) as the backbone for communication by sensors, actuators, devices, buildings, streets, machines and smart cities. Xively is a massively scalable infrastructure for handling and managing data generated by these things as well as teams that are building them, but it’s also a lot more: we’ve been around since the industry began and we’ve watched it mature into both a cultural and commercial phenomenon. This gives us unique insight into what people, teams and companies require in order to experiment, innovate and commercialize the quickest, and we take pride in providing a strong thought leadership and standardizing role in the industry as a whole.

  • What is Xively?

    Xively is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the Internet of Things. Xively simplifies the interconnection of devices, data, people and places, accelerating the creation of compelling solutions that transform how people experience their world. Xively Cloud Servcies™ provide messaging, data archiving, provisioning and directory services which are accessible through the Xively API. Xively’s web applications leverage the API to provide connected product lifecycle management capabilities through Xively Developer Workbench and Xively Management Console. Xively’s Developer Center brings together all of the resources you need to bring your connected product or solution vision to life.

  • What can I build with Xively?

    Xively makes web service API’s and provides comprehensive tools including software libraries and tutorials so that developers can build their own scalable and reliable connected products and solutions.

  • I am not a developer, what can I do with Xively?

    Xively is a platform and tool for developers. It helps them build, deploy and manage connected products and solutions. If you are not a developer, we recommend contacting one of our experienced developers or system integrators.

  • Are there any pre-built applications that use Xively?

    Yes, we offer a 10-minute simple test drive to get you familiar with all the basics from connecting one device to building interconnected systems and apps.

Using Xively

  • What can I connect to Xively?

    If it can connect to the Internet, you can probably connect it to Xively. Visit the Developer Center for information on getting things connected.

  • Can I build apps that talk to my devices? Can I use my iPhone/Android
    device with Xively to created connected products and solutions? Can I
    connect my device to a Web site with Xively? Can I use Xively to
    integrate a connected product into my existing business services?

    Yes! Xively’s RESTful API makes it simple to get any network-connected device, application or service working with our platform. Our extensive collection of BSD-licensed and supported libraries make it even easier.

  • Will Xively work with device X?

    Xively’s RESTful API makes it simple to get virtually any network-connected device working with our platform. To make it even easier, Xively Labs has tested specific hardware configurations so you don’t have to. Supporting tutorials make using these tested configurations even easier.

  • How do I set up a device, application or service to read and write data to Xively?

    Take a look at one of our great tutorials or jump right in to the API.

  • I manufacture hardware and I want it to work with Xively, what do I need to do?

    We offer a wide range of libraries and examples for many different platforms to make it easy for you to connect what you want to the Internet of Things. You can use these to get your product up and running with Xively quickly and easily. If you have a problem, we are here to help. Once its running, our team of engineers at Xively Labs will work with you to get your hardware certified as ‘Xively Enabled’. See the partner pages for more details.


  • I’m concerned about my data, who owns it?

    We are too, that’s why Xively’s Terms of Service put you in control! You own your data. You choose whether to share all, part, or none of it. You choose who you want to share it with. You choose the terms that you want to share it under. You can view our terms of service here: https://secure.logmein.com/policies/privacy.aspx

  • Is my data and my connected product or solution secure when I use Xively?

    Xively takes security seriously and we address it on many levels. The Xively platform and our Web tools run on LogMeIn's proprietary secure cloud infrastructure. Communications to and from Xively are protected with industry-standard HTTPS/SSL security. Flexible, secure and encrypted device provisioning combined with flexible activation processing lets you tune the process to your situation, protects your devices and ensures that you are in control. Fine-grained access controls using API keys lets you tune access to your needs, minimizing surface area and exposure.

  • Can I export my data?

    Yes. You own your data and you can export your data at any time. Take a look at the reading data section of the API documents.

  • I want to share my data with the world, can I do that?

    Yes. Xively allows you to share data as Public. When you do this you are sharing it under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal license. We go one step further, we ensure that your shared public data is indexed and available on major search engines including Google and Bing. Combined, this makes it easy for others to find and use your data.


  • What happened to COSM?

    Cosm has come out of beta as Xively, the first Public Cloud for the Internet of Things! Xively Cloud Services™ is an IoT platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that builds on the rich legacy of Pachube and Cosm to deliver a completely new development experience, connected product lifecycle management and a highly scalable platform for commercial products and solutions. We have a guide to the transition and a tutorial of the new Web tools to help you get productive fast.

  • Where are the feeds I was following?

    We are changing the way you follow feeds. We will be announcing more about this in the coming days. If you were following feeds, you will see a personal email from us that lists the feeds you were following and how you can use the new tools to follow them.

  • Where is my Current Cost dashboard?

    You can access the Current Cost dashboard directly at: http://my.currentcost.com

  • Where are ‘pull’ feeds?

    Pull feeds proved difficult for most of our customers. As a result, Xively no longer supports the cretion of new pull feeds, though existing feeds will continue to work as normal.

  • Where is Web feature X from Cosm?

    Xivley now integrates all of the Cosm functionality into a cohesive and intuitive Developer Workbench that centralizes everything you need to create, debug and deploy your connected product and service innovations. Take a tour of the new Web tools and try them out with our Testdrive!