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ARM is the industry's leading supplier of microprocessor technology, offering the widest range of microprocessor cores to address the performance, power and cost requirements for almost all application markets. Combining a vibrant ecosystem with over 1000 partners delivering silicon, development tools and software, more than 30 billion processors sold with more than 16M sold every day ARM truly is “The Architecture for the Digital World®".

Xively and ARM®

Xively Jumpstart Kit: ARM® mbed Edition

Xively and ARM have teamed up to provide you the hardware, software and services you need to accelerate your ideas into connected products.  The ARM mbed starter kit is available today and has everything needed to prototype your connected object, connect with Xively Cloud Services™ and rapidly create your application.

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Mbed Kit


Powered by ARM® and loaded with inputs and outputs, the tutorial gets you set up with the Xively Jumpstart Kit: ARM® mbed Edition and gets you prototyping your idea in no time flat.

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Develop on industry-standard ARM architectures to make your code easily portable to production-grade chips. Xively has teamed with ARM to ensure that connection is effortless.

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ARM microcontrollers in the IoT space

ARM Cortex™-M Series Processors

The ARM Cortex™-M processor family is an upwards compatible range of energy-efficient, easy to use processors designed to help developers meet the needs of tomorrow's embedded applications. Those demands include delivering more features at a lower cost, increasing connectivity, better code reuse and improved energy efficiency.   The Cortex-M family is optimized for cost and power sensitive MCU and mixed-signal devices for end applications such as smart metering, human interface devices, automotive and industrial control systems, white goods, consumer products and medical instrumentation.

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ARM mbed

ARM mbed is the fastest way to get started with ARM microcontrollers. The mbed platform provides free software libraries, hardware designs and online tools for professional rapid prototyping with a clear route to production. The platform includes a standards-based C/C++ SDK, a microcontroller HDK and supported development boards, an online compiler and online developer collaboration tools.

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ARM® Hardware

NXP LPC1768 ARM Cortex-M3

ARM Cortex-M3

Develop in C++ in the ARM mbed online IDE

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Specs:96MHz, 32KB RAM, 512KB FLASH

I/O:Ethernet, USB Host/Device, 2xSPI, 2xI2C, 3xUART, CAN, 6xPWM, 6xADC, GPIO

Peripherals:see mbed Application Board

Power:5V USB or 4.5-9V supply


ARM Cortex-M0+

Develop in C++ in the ARM mbed online IDE

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Specs: 48MHz, 16KB RAM, 128KB FLASH,

I/O: 2xSPI, 2xI2C, 3xUART, 6xPWM, 6xADC, Touch Sensor, GPIO

Peripherals: MMA8451Q - 3-axis accelerometer, PWM Controlled RGB LED, Capacitive touch sensor

Power: 5V USB or 4.5-9V supply

NXP LPC1768 ARM Cortex-M3

ARM Cortex-M0

Develop in C++ in the ARM mbed online IDE

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Specs: 48MHz, 8KB RAM, 32KB FLASH

I/O: USB Device, 2xSPI, I2C , UART, 6xADC, GPIO

Power: 5V USB, 4.5-9V supply or 2.4-3.3V battery