Xively Partner: Ciseco


Ciseco designs and manufactures electronic components (e.g. radios and sensors) that put the ‘things’ into the IoT.  Started by two like-minded technology enthusiasts, Ciseco targets people of all ages and backgrounds; including fellow technology enthusiasts, engineers, students, innovators and manufacturers. It provides people with open, affordable and easy to use modular building blocks to create the products of the future and “power creative minds”.

More on Ciseco

Powering creative minds

The adoption of the Internet of Things by everyday people has been slow.  Industry has been searching for a “killer app”. However, it isn’t either smart meters or home automation and isn’t even necessarily an application.  It is in our minds “app”lying people.  It is giving engineers, innovators, students and even school children the chance to create IoT products without the need for a university degree or extensive experience.  If the IoT is to reach a wide audience then we must unlock the power of the individual, if we wait for the consumer market alone, the IoT could remain over a decade away.

Easy to use technology

Most people can imagine innovative ideas that can make a difference to their (and others’) lives but they don’t have the skills to turn such ideas into a reality. Ciseco powers this creativity by providing people with easy to use electronic building blocks with which to create tomorrow’s solutions. Today’s IoT communications is technology centric, just like the early Internet.  Internet communications took 30 years to evolve to the 140 character social tweet. With LLAP, Ciseco makes interacting with “things” just as easy.

Affordable technology

Traditional manufacturing processes and the use of proprietary technology will lead to costly IoT-based solutions.  Using Ciseco’s technology, users can build products that address a specific need at a fraction of the cost. Large businesses will address the largest and most profitable markets.  However, there is huge potential for the creation of niche solutions that otherwise, would be missed.

Could the Raspberry Pi, Arduino & IoT create the next big inventor?

The emergence of the Raspberry Pi has shown that people have an enormous appetite for tinkering with electronics, in very much the same way kids did with chemistry sets in the past. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has taken a difficult technology and made it affordable and accessible for people to use. In addition, interest in the Raspberry Pi is starting to get computing and electronics back and properly taught in schools; encouraging the next generation to be involved and interested in what innovation and technology can enable. With easy to use electronics, a person of any age or background could become the creator of the next major invention.

  • Ciseco believes that the Raspberry Pi can go a long way towards helping to educate and power the next generation of creators.
  • Ciseco manufactures a number of affordable, easy to configure components and accessories to help users build innovative Raspberry Pi powered solutions.
  • Ciseco’s message to kids is simply to have fun and create!  Using Ciseco’s technology, schools can empower their pupils, including those without academic tendencies, and help discover the next great inventor.