Xively Partner: Groundswell Technologies, Inc.

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Groundswell Technologies, Inc. provides real-time, automated, geospatial imaging software to deliver multidimensional visualizations of time series and tabular data. Our patented technology enables all stakeholders to quickly zero in on critical events and to bring clearer understanding of the fire hose of information instead of sifting through rows and columns of tabular data.

Groundswell & Xively in Action

Groundswell Technologies and Xively have partnered to enable Xively users to visualize their Xively data streams via Groundswell’s patented technology. These visualizations provide users with intuitive and immediate understanding of their deployed devices. With these visualizations, users can drill into specific areas of interest without the need to sift though the thousands of rows and columns of data generated by real time devices or sensors.


To the right is a visualization of 10 temperature probes that are uploading their data to Xively. The probe data is overlayed on a Groundswell heatmap, interpreting the probes' data in one unified UI which instantly offers the insights of their collective data at a glance.

/groundswell vis snapshot

More on Groundswell Technologies, Inc.

We offer both a stand-alone version of our software as well as an API for enhancing your existing applications and dashboards. Visualizations can be accessed from any device with a modern web browser, including support for a mobile workforce with smart phones and tablets. No plug-ins or 3rd party software are required. The application can be securely accessed via the cloud or installed inside of your firewall.

A small sampling of typical applications includes: Smart City, Smart Building, process monitoring, maintenance optimization, pipeline monitoring, water resource management, environmental remediation optimization and many more. We have received the National Ground Water Association Technology Award for our technology.

In addition to sensors, Groundswell’s capabilities include integration and normalization of multiple data sources in order to provide visualizations with the maximum depth, breadth and timeliness that are demanded for a real-time, data-rich world.