Xively Partner: Texas Instruments


With the industry's broadest portfolio of wired and wireless connectivity technologies, microcontrollers, processors, sensors and analog signal chain and power solutions, Texas Instruments (TI) offers cloud-ready system solutions designed to access the loT wherever you want it.

From high performance home, industrial and automotive applications to battery-powered wearable and portable electronics or energy-harvested wireless sensor nodes, TI makes developing applications easier with hardware, software, tools and support to get anything connected within the loT.

Xively to SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi Demonstration system

Setup a simple demonstration system that shows bi-directional MQTT communication between the Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ Wi-FI CC3200 Launchpad and the CC3100 BoosterPack paired with the Tiva C LaunchPad™, and a simple web app via LogMeIn's Xively Cloud Services messaging platform. The purpose is to show how Xively can be used to rapidly build connected products for high-volume commercial deployment.

Download User Guide and Firmware