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TST is a company with large experience in the creation of wireless solutions for the M2M and IoT world. Combining knowledge in the area of telecommunications, microelectronics and programming, TST is able to provide any end to end solution, always optimizing in performance, reliability and costs for their customers.

TST maintains a double strategy on the IoT and M2M solutions they offer: a horizontal one with the so-called TSmarT platform and a vertical one with the development of custom IoT and M2M solutions.

Xively and TST


The TSmarT line of wireless products works seamlessly with Xively. This tutorial shows a demo of Near-field communication (NFC) and Zigbee technologies working in a system that communicates to a Xively backend.

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In order to have an easy way to develop, prototype and provide limited units of custom solutions, TST has created the TSmarT platform, a powerful modular system, based on ARM Cortex-M cores, able to combine a wide set of communication technologies along with any sensor or actuator, all of it ready to be connected seamlessly to the cloud. The TSmarT platform provides a powerful low cost hardware with a comprehensive API, tons of examples, documentation, open source RTOS and SDK (IDE, compiler and debugger), and ultra low cost debugging tools.

Custom IoT and M2M vertical solutions

Horizontal is great to have quick functional solutions, but vertical is necessary to optimize in costs, performance and reliability. TST has wide experience in vertical IoT and M2M solutions, both finished products and custom designs. Solutions as garbage container level sensors, parking sensors or urban lighting control are already available to their customers as off-the-shelves products. Other custom developments like, for example, vending machine management systems, traffic light management or hospital logistics management have been developed for selected customers. Knowing the hardware, knowing the software and working with the cloud, TST is able to afford any IoT and M2M related project.

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