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LogMeIn’s Xively business services help you envision the possibilities and realize the business value of connected solutions on the Internet of Things. Our team of strategy consultants and system architects have deep experience in the multi-discipline requirements and process of building a connected solution. Xively’s unique “Business First” approach helps you first understand and define your business objectives, and then designs powerful connected solutions to meet or exceed those objectives. The result is the accelerated transformation of your company into a connected business that increases sales, drives better efficiency, optimizes service and delights the users and customers ensuring you maximize your bottom line.

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Xively business services has worked with companies to transform their business across two key dimensions:

Internal Operations Awareness and Optimization

Xively is empowering businesses to streamline processes and predictively service assets through intelligent, connected systems built into their value delivery chains. The result is the optimization of day-to-day operations that increase productivity and lower costs. Use cases span a broad range of areas including enterprise IT, sales, service, asset management, supply chain, manufacturing, and many others.

Connected Products for Sale

Xively helps you accelerate your connected product’s time to market so that you can gain a competitive advantage faster. By allowing you to focus on innovation instead of infrastructure, Xively takes care of operationally-critical functionality so you products just work. This allows your team to spend more time focusing on your innovative new product idea, and less time trying to figure out how to make your product connect, communicate and be controlled via the Internet.

Accelerating Business Value

Xively Business Services can engage with your organization across any of the following areas, helping you realize the business benefits of connected solutions faster and more cost-effectively:

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One of the challenges of building connected experiences on the Internet of Things (IoT), is being able to envision a solution that scales and grows with your business. Xively works with your company to help you realize the full potential of your connected business project, helping you understand the full potential of market and industry applications.

Business Opportunities
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Proof of Concept

A connected solution may look great on paper, but may play out quite differently in real life. Xively will work with your company to acid-test your ideas with real-life, working prototypes. Our systems integrators work with companies to build fully-functional connected experiences that work seamlesly with your imbedded business systems, and that help you demonstrate immediate business ROI.

Systems Integration Services
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Scaling from a proof of concept to a pilot can be very daunting, as new systems and business challenges emerge. Xively works with companies to launch pilot projects for their connected experiences, identifying and resolving issues and helping plan for full-scale connected product or service launches.

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Full-scale Launch

Launching a connected solution at scale takes careful planning, exhaustive testing and scalable platforms and systems that set your business up for future success and growth. Xively has deep experience and industry expertise that helps you anticipate scalability issues before they become major impediments.

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Maintenance & Support

Maintaining a connected product or solution can become very time consuming and costly over the course of its lifecycle. We work with your business to minimize this long-term impact, leveraging systems design to reduce inefficiency wherever possible.

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Are the connected solutions you are building today able to meet their full potential?

Connected Solution Maturity Curve

Connecting physical devices with business systems and automation is the first step in the maturity curve. Initial insights will unlock previously unseen opportunities empowering businesses to understand how to move to the next stage.


After connecting objects, companies often look to optimize business process, service delivery, or the product or service experience on the customer side. Data generated by the connected object offers a treasure trove of valuable insight into how business can optimize their operations and processes.


The long-term impact of business connected solutions is that they transform business models into “business as a service.” This fundamentally evolves the value equation empowering you to create sustainable new revenue streams or lower the overall costs for your company.


Native and third-party products and solutions can be easily brought together to form tailored solutions that provide exponential value that is greater than the sum of their parts without advanced and complex coding.

Xively Business Services takes a forward-looking perspective to your connected solution. Whether your business is building its first or Nth connected solution, we help you envision how to get it built today, leverage it to optimize your business tomorrow and use it to transform your business in the long-term.