Build Compelling Connected Experiences

Develop connected products, build powerful experiences and deploy them at scale in a fraction of the time.

Create innovative connected objects using any software/hardware combination

We provide free, open and supported libraries along with tutorials and documentation to allow you to connect to Xively using the hardware you want and the languages you know. To make it even easier, we are certifying Xively Enabled™ hardware platforms every day from a variety of vendors. The libraries leverage our standards-based API over HTTP, Sockets and MQTT to make connecting to the Internet of Things simple, intuitive and fast.

Never has it been so easy to take an idea to production.





Integrate your application and services with your connected object

Graphical representation of how Xively works with an app, Xively and customer CRM services communicating with each other

Design, build and debug your connected product with full control.

Using the Xively Developer Workbench, you can get prototypes up and running quickly and easily.

Customizable device workspaces give you the power to configure and control channels, meta-data, fine-grain permissions, conditional triggers, time-series data archiving and interconnection with other devices, apps and services.

Monitor communication and functionality in real time using the visual debugger. Interactive activation lets you fine-tune provisioning.

Build connected apps for anything and everything

Creating interactive apps for connected products has never been easier. Our client libraries including iOS, Android, JavaScript, and more, make it easy to leverage our API so that you can focus on your IoT innovation rather than infrastructure.

Integrate and leverage your own backend services

User management, billing integration, deep integration with business systems is simple when you leverage our server-side libraries including Ruby, Python, Java and more, to integrate your new connected user experience with your existing backend systems. Take it a step further and tie in external services for analytics, reporting, and more...

Test your ideas and designs in a controlled environment, refine your system and know that you are ready to deploy.

See the Xively Developer Workbench in action, take the Xively Test Drive

Pilot your system end-to-end

The code is tested, your prototypes refined. You have integrated objects, apps and services into a connected product. Your vision is now reality. With everything working, it’s time to get your product manufactured and test the production version. The deployment tools in the Xively Workbench allow you to simply create batches of products small or large so that you can fully test your
production-ready system.

Scale When Needed

Now its time to scale. Create batches of products dynamically to match production. Xively will wait to hear each and every device come online for the first time and when they do, our provisioning engine will recognize them, secure the connection, and give you full control. Our scalable infrastructure ensures that your connected products deliver reliable, secure and compelling experience. Before you know it, your products are deployed and connected around the world.
Never has it been so easy to take an idea to production.

Manage great experiences

Problems happen and when they do, we have you covered. You can monitor every device you have live in real time through our scalable Management Console or integrate that management capability into your support systems API. In either case, you can perform functions such as deactivation, reset, configuration, retirement, archival, and more.

Manage devices actively and ensure great customer experiences.

By focusing on innovating, perfecting and deploying connected products and compelling experiences rather than on building and maintaining infrastructure, you can bring your IoT vision to the world faster and at a lower cost.

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