A carrier-grade cloud platform, purpose-built for the Internet of Things

Accelerate business transformation by focusing on connected innovation instead of infrastructure

The Internet of Things holds the potential to transform businesses. However, in order to be truly transformative, connected objects must interact with a wide array of applications, services and business systems. Xively opens the door to a world of infinite possibilities through our IoT public cloud, web-based tools and developer resources by taking an open approach that interconnects applications, objects, devices, data, places and users through our Connected Object Cloud™. We empower businesses to focus on their core competencies allowing them to build innovative solutions that drive business value and transformation, rather than building IoT infrastructure and backend systems.

We facilitate the relationships between your company and the people accessing data from the products you create. This includes not just your customers but also the partners, vendors and installers that all now have access to some portion of this IoT-enabled data. Our goal at Xively is to help you better develop, market, sell and support the next generation of connected products. We believe there are three key ingredients to building a successful IoT endeavor: connecting products securely and at scale; managing the data from these connections; and more closely engaging with customers. Stay tuned in the coming months to hear more details about how Xively will use product relationship management to revolutionize your business’s connected products.