Xively is the Public Cloud specifically built for the Internet of Things

Accelerate innovation by focusing on products instead of infrastructure

Xively Cloud Services™ empowers you to harness the power of the IoT to quickly and easily transform your connected product vision into market reality.

And while that’s no small challenge, we think it’s just the beginning… Using Xively opens the door to a world of infinite possibilities by enabling more than connections. Applications, devices, data, places and users can be interconnected through our Connected Object Cloud™ creating exponential solutions that can transform how people discover, interact and experience their world.

Mature IoT Public Cloud

Web-based Tools

Developer Resources

Xively’s IoT public cloud, web-based tools and developer resources empower your organization, allowing you to focus critical resources on connected product innovation rather than on enabling infrastructure.

Our purpose-built, IoT Platform as a Service gives your developers standards-based services and tools, elastic scalability, and intuitive lifecycle management capabilities. With Xively, you gain the agility and efficiency you need to rapidly meet market demands for compelling connected products and solutions.

Xively Cloud Services™

Xively’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides the tools and services needed to create compelling products and solutions on the Internet of Things.

Xively’s Connected Product Lifecycle



Build connected experiences quickly and easily to get your devices, apps and services working together through Xively.



Turn prototypes into products at the push of a button.



Manage batches of products no matter the size, one or one million, and support your devices in real time.

Features and Benefits

  • Open Platform with Unlimited Choice

    Xively supports many software and hardware combinations needed to create your products and solutions, with official libraries for dozens of languages and platforms, including Objective C, C, Java, JavaScript, Ruby and much more. Our restful API supports JSON, XML & CSV data formats

  • Secure Experiences

    Xively offers end-to-end security across the entire platform to ensure product/solution integrity. Secure provisioning ensures tight control over devices, industry standard symmetric data encryption (TLS, SSL) protects communications channels, fine-grained permissioning (API keys) gives the right access at the right time to the right person, and Xively’s private cloud infrastructure ensures that your data is safe at all times.

  • Simple, Frictionless Developer Experience

    Intuitive, web-based tools simplify the complexities of IoT development. The Xively Developer Workbench offers interactive connected product development and sophisticated debugging tools including real-time HTTP message monitoring, an API request-builder, usage tracking and visualization.

    The Xively Developer Center cuts your development time and accelerates your learning curve through documentation, tutorials, videos and more.

  • Selective Data Sharing

    Selectively and securely share device data or control with other applications or devices on your terms. Once published, your connected product becomes part of the Connected Object Cloud™.

    Through Xively’s granular and secure sharing features, you can selectively interconnect your products with third-party devices, applications and services into an exponentially capable solution. Share your data with the world or lock your product into a closed loop system – it's your choice.

  • Global IoT Cloud Infrastructure

    Our global cloud, built on the LogMeIn Gravity data service, is monitored through a 24x7x365 Network Operations Center. LogMeIn and Xively currently support over 200 million devices for 17 million users.

  • Leverage External Cloud Services

    Leverage the power of external services through conditional HTTP triggers for connecting to external services like Twitter, Twilio, Facebook, Salesforce.com and more.

  • Real-time Message Bus

    Xively’s powerful, real-time messaging bus utilizes sockets, REST and MQTT to provide synchronous and asynchronous options that match and scale with your communications and applications needs.

  • Device Lifecycle Management

    Xively’s Management Console provides production management capabilities including provisioning and serial number management for large-scale deployments and real-time end-user customer support.

  • Flexible Data Service

    High performance, time-series database allows you to store and retrieve one data point as easily and reliably as one million; combined with triggering, advanced actions can be executed across any connected device, application or service.

  • Inspired community

    The Xively developer community includes the most inspired and supportive developers who regularly create revolutionary projects that simply have to be seen to be believed.

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