Xively Connected Product Management

What is Xively

A Roadmap for Your IoT Journey

Xively is a connected product management solution that provides companies the ability to build, launch and run their connected products and business.

A Solution for Today's IoT.


Whether you’re connecting an existing product, designing an IoT-enabled product from scratch, or adapting a previously IoT-enabled product, Xively has the software, hardware, and engineering expertise to get you up and running securely and at scale.


Reduce the complexity of running a connected business and get everything you need for connected product success. Built on LogMeIn’s heritage of simple connectivity and management, Xively gets your connected product business up and running fast, and helps you manage your connected business once it’s live.


Transform how you deliver value through the IoT by turning data and relationships into actionable insights and new business automation. Xively manages IoT so you can focus on managing your business.

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