Xively simplifies the way companies securely and robustly connect their products and users, manage IoT data at scale, and engage more closely with their customers, users and partners.

What is Xively

A revolutionary
enterprise IoT solution.

Xively has built a new enterprise IoT platform and application solution made up three unified concepts: connection, management and engagement.

A solution for today's IoT.


IoT connectivity that is fast, secure and scalable is no small feat. Xively simply connects millions of devices at scale, so you can easily control access for every person, application, or thing trying to access your IoT data and plug directly into cloud-based services your business departments rely on for daily workflows.


Capturing, managing and interpreting durable business information is essential to your connected product business. Xively manages your connected product business in one location by providing standard methods for defining and managing connected device users, employees, customers, partners and their data.


IoT enabled devices are making support and engagement with customers more satisfying, efficient and instant than ever before. Xively provides a single interface for your real-time product deployment lifecycle as well as product usage and health, so your sales and marketing teams can identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and your service teams can remotely access and fix connected products in real-time.

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