Xively Connected Product Management

What is Xively

A Roadmap for Your IoT Journey

Xively is a connected product management solution that provides companies the ability to build, launch and run their connected products and business.

A solution for today's IoT.


Xively allows companies to connect devices securely at scale to transmit and store data

  • Best in class connectivity platform
  • Agents for products to send and receive data
  • Storage of product data so it can be used to analyze and improve your business


Xively defines and tracks relationship between a company and their products, users & partners

  • Capture and manage user identity
  • Set and enforce security permissions
  • Provisioning of products and users
  • Authentication and access management of products and users
  • Object directory that store current state


Turn data and relationships into actionable insights to run a Connected Product Business

  • App suite for building and managing Connected Products
  • View snapshot of users, devices and organizations
  • Create connected product templates
  • Launch your connected business
  • Integrate with other business systems to provide new insights

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